Michelle Clifton, Hair Designer, Color Expert, Hairgoddess

Michelle has had a lifelong passion for hair designing, she began her career on the East Coast where she grew up. After creating for many years in the same location, with her spirit to embrace change, Michelle thought Hollywood sounded fun. Relocating to the West Coast proved to be both exciting and full of wonderful designing opportunities.

Michelle worked for 8 years at Juan Juan  Salon in Beverly Hills, at which  time she also did freelancing, print work and photo shoots with some amazing L.A talent .While satisfying her desire for the glamour of Hollywood, Michelle fell in love and relocated to the Pacific Northwest. Working in Seattle at some of the best salons in the city, Michelle has landed in a sure fit at ”Eleveight Salon “. She continually attends hairshows and advanced training to keep on top of the ever changing fashion industry.

Michelle’s love for the art of creating with hair lead her to become certified with Hairdreams, which is one of the leading hair extension companys throughout the world.

With Michelle’s natural artistic talent, great attention to detail, and her ability to customize for each client with innovative and new ideas is what makes her a true hair artist.

“I am inspired by all the creative people I’ve been blessed with in my life, and each person that sits in my chair affords me the opportunity to create something beautiful with detail and integrity"

Michelle’s extension work is known to be up to date with the latest trends and state of the art technique. She is always striving for a perfect match for your personality and comfort level.

The Art of
Hair Extensions


Whether it's the dream of perfect length hair or added volume, or just to have fun with creative effects of color. Hair extensions can enhance your own hair and can achieve those results within just a few hours.


Eleveight Salon is proud to offer Hairdreams® Hair Extensions. Hairdreams® uses exclusively hand selected 100% human hair -- recognized for its superior quality. This is evident through its healthy, gleaming glossy, brilliant, lasting colors and natural elasticity.


Virtually the highest quality level hair available in the market today. Therefore the leading hair extending company in the industry.


Hairdreams® is also responsible for many of the long luxurious lockes seen in Hollywood.


Our hair extensions blend in perfectly with your own natural hair for an authentic custom look, using the latest technology in professional hair extensions. The hair extensions can be worn comfortably day to day throughout all your activities. Styling as you would your own hair.


We offer extensions for a variety of different looks:


A splash of fun color:

10 strands, prices starting at $175.00


Volumizing Extensions:

Add maximum volume and fullness to your style, prices starting at $800.00

Classic Length:

A full head of long luxurious hair. Prices starting at $1,500.00

Exotic Length:

Waist length hair.Prices staring at: $2,000.00

Consultations are complimentary and take approximately 20 minutes.
I can answer any questions and determine if extensions are right for you.






How long will they last?


Approximately 4 to 5 months. depending on your natural hair growth, after care regimen, and maintenance program.


How is the hair attached?


The hair is attached with a poly nylon tip that is warmed up and bonded to your own hair. The attachment site is close to the scalp and about the size of a grain of rice.


Can I style my hair and color as usual?


You can style your hair as usual using your blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron. The same is true for coloring, however, chemical processes can change the surface of the hair drastically, thus stressing it. We only recommend professional coloring with knowledge of hair extensions.


Are Extensions damaging to my own hair?


We emphasize the protection of your own hair. The extensions are carefully attached to the same amount of your own hair. With the help of our 3 stand sizes (Normal to Super Small) your extensions can be optimally customized for you. The only way damage occurs is if your hair is overstrained, which is due to improper maintenance.


How long does the application of the strands take?


Depends on the desired look and the number of strands that need to be applied. You can expect a time frame of 1 to 3 hrs.


Will I feel the Hair Extensions?

All bonds are very small and therefore hardly noticeable. The diversity of available bonding allows for a perfect fit of your extension strand and your own hair.


How are the Hair Extensions removed?

The Removal solution is applied to the Bondings and penetrates the Bonding material. The material softens and then you can slide the strands out.